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 Time to prepare for Hurricane Season!

 Determine your risk:
 Is your neighborhood prone to flooding?

 Tornado or wind damage?

 Storm surge?

 With soaring construction prices, do you have enough insurance coverage?

 Storm Surge:
  ▪Is water that is pushed onto land as a hurricane makes landfall.
  ▪Can range from a few feet to over 30 feet.
  ▪Impacts coastal areas first, then moves inland.
  ▪Is fast moving, fast rising and life threatening.
  ▪Can wash away buildings and roadways.
  ▪Know your evacuation zone! Know Your Zone

  ▪Flooding can occur anywhere that topography and drainage patterns cannot 

     efficiently move and store water away from development or other areas.
  ▪Can be well inland.
  ▪Are you in a flood zone? Flood Maps

 Hurricane supplies:
Restock your family hurricane kit. Don’t forget your pets!

      More info:

      Build a Kit for Family:  

      Build a Kit for Pets:

 Special Needs Registry:
If you or someone you know has needs such as oxygen, medical equipment,   

 insulin and other refrigerated medications or other special requirements, help 

 them to register NOW with their county’s Special Needs Registry. This gives 

 officials important information to use in planning for vulnerable populations as

 well as allows first responders to provide special assistance during a disaster.

 Transportation to shelters can be provided for those in need.

 Listen to your local authorities:

 Every county will have different plans and protocols best suited to their

 populations, communities, and geography. Your local officials have updated

 hurricane plans, evacuation routes and shelter information, including which

 shelters are pet friendly. Listen to your local weather, emergency management

 and city/county officials. Heed their advice.

 Preparedness for Churches:

 Check and update your disaster plan. If you don’t have one, start HERE. Make

 sure contact numbers for staff and others are current. Know your presbytery’s

 disaster protocol. Review your insurance policies. Do you have enough church


 Assist the vulnerable people in your congregation and surrounding community by

 helping them gather hurricane supplies, sign up on the Special Needs Registry or

 by putting up their storm shutters and then checking on them after a storm.

 Churches are a vital part of a community’s response and recovery! Can you offer

 your building or grounds as a secondary post-storm shelter space, a point of

 distribution for supplies or a respite center for response workers? If so, please

 contact your local emergency management office and American Red Cross to let

 them know. They will work with you to determine if using your facility would be a


 Contact us for more information.  Stay safe!

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